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Maquette for Winged Generator by Richard Hunt

Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park

Hunt infuses his art with symbolism and metaphor. Most apparent in his African­American commissions, his sculptures express positive attributes of human character—fortitude, perseverance, vision, regeneration, tenacity and freedom. — Sharon S. Patton, Richard Hunt: Extending Form

Wing Generator presents one of Hunt’s major formal themes—the hybridization of the Greco-Roman winged Nike/Victory with bird forms found on African iron staffs. This study for a gravesite monument, commissioned through the will of a deceased friend, is rich in Western and African mythology. Hobart Taylor, Jr., whose grave Wing Generator marks, achieved victory through a successful private and public life as a Civil Rights lawyer, an attorney for the City of Detroit, a member of President Lyndon Johnson’s staff for the enactment of Civil Rights legislation, and a successful corporate lawyer. The winged victory motif also symbolizes the Christian victory of life after death.

Maquette for Wing Generator, 1982/2010, Richard Hunt (American, b. 1935), Corten steel, 59 x 48 x 60 inches.  Acquired with Funds Provided by Judith H. Kinney, 2010.030